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Mr & Mrs Aloha 5 piece Nesting Doll 4"



Created by Suzanne Jennerich in Hawaii:

This 5 doll set is Mr. & Mrs. Aloha.  Symbolizing good wishes for the family. She is carrying a little baby wrapped in a pineapple blanket, he carries a chicken (symbolizing that there will always be food in the house). The happy home, a ticket to return to Hawaii (HNL) and a keiki, symbolizing kids for the family if this is the wish.  A sweet couple filled with much Aloha, happiness and smiles. Cheers to a happy family. 

The hand crafted wooden Nesting Dolls set comes in a soft felt bag.

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My fascination with Nesting Dolls began as a child in Germany.
My Grandma - “Oma Lili” had several beautiful Russian Babushkas, Nesting dolls.  When we went over to her house, we would ask to play with them - “Yes Kinder," she would say, "but only carefully, these are very special."  Oh did I admire them. My sister and I played for hours. And that's how they have been to me my whole life, with Omi's words in my ear...”They are very special." 

I always wanted to create my own design set to make memories for others with my dolls, just like I experienced growing up.  Many believe that if you put a wish inside the nesting dolls, it will come true.  They say that the amount of love poured into making them speeds up when the wish will come true.  These precious keepsakes were truly formed with much love for you.

I hope you enjoy my colorful wooden Hawaiian “WAHINE DOLLS” and have as much fun with them as I did creating them.  Each was designed with much love and care.  Sunshine and Aloha for your hale.

Created in the Aloha State.  A true collectors item. 

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The first and original Babushka Nesting doll was created in 1890 in Russia.  My WAHINE DOLL follows tradition, but with a tropical twist.  Many belief, that if you put a wish inside the Nesting dolls, it will come true.  They say, the more love was invested to create them, the sooner the wish will come true, and these precious keepsakes were truly designed with much love for you in Hawaii and each hand- crafted with lots attention to detail in Russia. Sunshine Aloha for your hale.

The hand crafted wooden Nesting Dolls set comes in a felt bag. With a card inside about the story of the dolls.